English: The Red ribbon is a symbol for solida...

English: The Red ribbon is a symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with AIDS. Français : Le Ruban rouge, symbole de la solidarité avec les personnes séro-positives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a run up to World Aids Day, I’ve been thinking about what I should share on this blog.  

I thought about telling my story of how I got HIV and the journey of the pain, hurt and the  side effects of the medication BUT as easy as it is to focus on all the bad things that have happened in the past  I CHOOSE  to be thankful.

THANKFUL  for the wonderful gift of LIFE

THANKFUL for the my beautiful, amazing,wonderful, family and friends who have SUPPORTED me through each step of the way and never judged or showed discrimination but have LOVED me for who I am.  

THANKFUL  for my spiritual leaders who stood by me, showing how to stay plugged into the word to trust and believe.

THANKFUL for the medical professionals who have given me the best care,  SUPPORTING, EDUCATING and EMPOWERING me.

THANKFUL for the opportunities I have had to share my experiences as well as comforting and encouraging many who are going through  life threatening diseases  as well as HIV and for new friendships.

THANKFUL that I am blessed to be a blessing.

My life is not my own if I can bring HOPE , ENCOURAGEMENT and LOVE to others THEN yes I am thankful for my life.

HIV has made me a better person.  IT DOES NOT DEFINE ME

Oh give thanks to the LORD for he is good, for his steadfast love endures for ever! (Psalm 107.1)

Lord I thank you that I live to declare your works


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